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IMG Commercial Insurance Appointments lead to sales

IMG can accelerate YOUR agency growth because we know how to……..

  • smile and dial, our call agents average 25 outbound calls per hour.

  • get past the gatekeeper and connect with the decision maker.

  • pique a prospect’s level of interest and engage in meaningful conversation.

  • ask for the opportunity to quote and set highly qualified commercial insurance appointments that lead to sales!

What separates us from the competition…….

  • We are expert cold callers that specialize in commercial insurance appointment setting.

  • We have been coached by licensed insurance agents; there are very few objections we cannot overcome.

  • We work closely with our clients and their underwriters to develop a unique and effective phone presentation.

  • We offer EXCLUSIVITY; we will not do business with any of your competitors within a 30-mile radius.

  • We are 100% TCPA Compliant.

How can The Insurance Marketing Group do that for your agency?

  • IMG will customize your agency’s campaign to suit your specific telemarketing needs.

  • IMG can call your target prospects before your competitors do.

  • IMG wants to be your business partner. We WILL accelerate your agency growth!

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